What is the cost to refinish hardwood floors? In order to find out there are several things to consider. As Kansas City’s leading hardwood floor provider, Armstrong-Citywide has a lot of experience and expertise with installing and refinishing hardwood floors, since having wood floors has become preferable to carpeting for most homeowners over the past few years.

Having hardwood floors enhances any room, adding warmth and depth to any space. They are almost a mandatory requirement when purchasing a new home – everyone wants hardwood floors. They are easy to clean and maintain, and when taken care of properly, they look beautiful for years. It is also an economical way to add value to the home.

Hardwood Floors Last!

Most hardwood floors will last 10 to 20 years under ordinary use, before needing to be replaced or refinished. A primary issue after years of use is bare wood exposure, which can cause rot and decay. Either method – refinishing or recoating – can ensure that floors are properly protected from damage. The homeowners must decide whether to refinish or recoat their floors. While the two methods are similar, there are important differences that will affect the cost to refinish hardwood floors.

There are no hard-and-fast numbers for how much it costs, but there are estimates based on national averages. The cost to refinish hardwood floors can run from approximately $1.50 to $4.00 per square foot or $340 to $900 for a 15 x 15 sq. ft. room. Homeowners can easily spend several thousand dollars on the cost to refinish hardwood floors, depending in part on whether they choose to refinish or just recoat the floors. As you can see, this is a broad range.

The cost to refinish hardwood floors depends on the condition they are in and any extra enhancements that have been added. Recoating hardwood floors includes adding an additional protective layer on top of the floor’s existing finish. Refinishing, however, involves sanding the floor’s current finish off, down to the original bare wood, then adding a protective layer of finish over it. Any variations from standard or straightforward refinishing projects can add to the overall cost.

Some of these variations may include:

  • Refinishing versus recoating 
  • Total square footage 
  • Condition of floor 
  • Quality of finish or coating 
  • Number of coats required 
  • If stairs are included 
  • Removal of carpet
  • Accessibility


DIY to Save Money 

Refinishing hardwood floors is a project that many people can do, but not everybody. The job requires some experience handling power tools, patience, and a little finesse. It can be time-consuming, and mistakes can lead to significant costs. It can be very physically demanding. Professionals can do the job in less time, with less mess and inconvenience, and no mistakes.

The process of sanding a hardwood floor creates a lot of dust. At Armstrong-Citywide, using our state-of-the-art dust containment systems, we collect over 95% and as much as 97% of the dust. Making our jobs the cleanest in the K.C. area. Most jobs can be sanded, stained and finished in just 3 days with light foot traffic allowed the very next day. With our commercial grade water base finishes one can walk on the floors as little as 3 hours after each finish application. When we refinish your wood floors the end result will be a durable, easy to care for beautiful floor.

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