The processes of dustless hardwood floor refinishing and traditional hardwood floor refinishing are essentially the same. They both generate a lot of dust. The traditional process leaves the dust in the air, even once the job is done. But now there is a brand new way to refinish your floors without leaving behind all the dust and mess. The system of dustless hardwood floor refinishing involves a special vacuum machine that suctions the dust directly into a special compartment in the machine instead of blowing it out into the room. This is an almost 100% dust-free process (while it doesn’t get all of the dust – nobody can do that) Armstrong-Citywide comes pretty darn close to getting it all because we’re good at what we do!

Ordinarily, when wood floors are refinished the technician begins by sanding the floors, layer by layer, all the way down to the raw wood. All the residue from sanding becomes dust that fills the air. Because of that, everything in the house must either be covered or taken out of the home so it doesn’t get covered in the dust. Air vents and ducts have to be sealed to prevent dust spreading throughout the house. The process of sanding the floors and then cleaning up the mess once it’s done can take several days. Alternatively, the dustless hardwood floor refinishing process eliminates airborne dust particles immediately, ensuring no allergy or asthma issues for the homeowners, you don’t have to cover everything up or kennel your pets, and you don’t have to leave home while the floors are being refinished. There are no dangerous respiratory issues to worry about with dustless hardwood floor refinishing.

Armstrong-Citywide can provide better service to you with the dustless hardwood floor refinishing process, ensuring your satisfaction. You don’t have to put off having your wood floors refinished due to time involved in the process because dustless hardwood floor refinishing can be achieved in less time without all the mess and hassle of traditional methods. With our system, you won’t need to remove sensitive electronic equipment; there is no need to use harsh chemicals to strip the finish from your floor; you don’t need to seal off the room from the rest of the house and you won’t have to go to a hotel for the duration.

For environmentally friendly, dustless hardwood floor refinishing, call Armstrong-Citywide today. Our consultation is free of charge and will cover everything you need to know about making your floor look its best. 816-765-7777.