Dustless hardwood floor refinishing has several advantages over the usual method of sanding and stripping your existing floors. When the hardwood floors in your home have lost their luster and are showing signs of wear, you should consider dustless hardwood floor refinishing as an affordable alternative to replacement. It is an ideal solution to replacing your floors because it saves you money, takes less time to do and cuts down on allergic reactions.

– Because dustless hardwood floor refinishing takes less time to do, you save significantly by avoiding the expense of several days’ worth of contract labor.

– The traditional way of refinishing hardwood floors takes several days to complete from start-to-finish. Dustless hardwood floor refinishing takes less time to do and you will still get fantastic looking floors – all in the same day.

– An additional benefit of dustless hardwood floor refinishing is that it eliminates airborne contaminants and prevents allergic reactions because it’s 97% dust-free – there is very little wood dust to contend with.

The process of dustless hardwood floor refinishing involves a gentle scuffing of the floors, followed by an application of chemicals to etch the wood. This is followed by repairing scratch marks and other minor damages. A finishing coat is then applied that will protect the floors from further damage and restore the lustrous shine.

You can restore your hardwood floor’s original beauty by having them refinished, whether using the traditional methods with sanders, or the latest dustless method. The dustless hardwood floor refinishing method is the best choice for most homeowners because the process is a less invasive, less costly alternative that is completed in a short amount of time.

Armstrong-Citywide has a team of trained professionals who provide the latest techniques in dustless refinishing of hardwood floors. With Vacuum Systems you can enjoy new hardwood floors without the added dust! We work all over the Kansas City metro and are one of the top-rated hardwood floor companies in the area.

We offer a wide array of stains and finishes to better match the specific needs of your home: oak, walnut, hickory, maple, cherry from 2 1/4 inch wide to 8-inch wide plank flooring. We are experienced and dependable. We will be happy to answer your questions.

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