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Fall Hardwood Floor Repair – Kansas City Prepares For The Indoor Months

Thursday, Sep. 13th 2018

Hardwood floor repair could be on your list of fall projects now that the kids are back in school. Let’s face it! We all know how hard on the house kids can be. That’s why now is an opportune time for repairing the damage inflicted over the summer. Although hardwood floors are durable and can last several lifetimes, they are also vulnerable to everyday abuse by kids cleats, hockey sticks and other types of school gear. Gouges and scrapes, water stains and gritty dirt, all leave their mark and hardwood floors begin to look unsightly.Armstrong Citywide Flooring Hardwood Floor Repair 2018 School Starts Kids

Hardwood floor repair is a viable option for almost all wood floors. Even floors in old, historic homes can be restored or refinished. Squeaky floors can be tightened and quieted. Holes can be plugged. Damaged sections can be patched. A properly maintained wood floor can last 20 years or more before hardwood floor repair is needed.

The fall of the year is a great time for hardwood floor repair. Homeowners have the option of doing it themselves or hiring professional contractors. For someone who works full-time, or has a house full of kids and pets, DIY might not be the best choice. The job is time-consuming and physically demanding. There are specific tools and materials required and they can be expensive to buy. And perhaps most importantly, hardwood floor repair requires skills and expertise that most people don’t have.

Contracting with a professional company whose primary job is installation, refinishing and hardwood floor repair is usually the best option. They have trained and skilled crews, all the materials and equipment needed are on hand, and they can get in and get out in record time – plus the job gets done right. The family won’t be inconvenienced and the expenditure won’t decimate the budget.

Once your hardwood floor repair is finished, here are a few suggestions for protecting them.

  • Seal the floors with polyurethane. This clear sealant will protect the finish and the integrity of the wood. It will prevent spilled liquids (think juice boxes and Koolade) from penetrating and ruining the floors.
  • Clean up spills right away with paper towels or some other lint-free, absorbent cloth. Little kids like to help, so teaching them to clean up their own messes makes everybody happy.
  • Use doormats at all entrances from the outside to trap dirt, mud or sand that kids track in on their shoes.
  • Runners and area rugs are a good choice for high-traffic zones and play areas. Rugs and felt pads are also a good choice for placing under heavy furniture, especially if you have energetic teenagers scuffling around, causing furniture to move.
  • Have the kids leave their shoes inside the door in a designated area. Keep their slippers there to put on if they don’t want to go in their sock feet. The older kids can use this as an opportunity to set a good example for the little tikes.
  • Using a dust mop on hardwood floors frequently helps control dirt, pet dander, and dust. This is another task that kids can learn to do.

Armstrong-Citywide is expert at hardwood floor repair. We have been repairing, refinishing, and installing hardwood floors in Kansas City homes for more than 60 years. When problems with your wood floors arise – such as cupping and crowning, peeling and bubbles, or there are stains, scratches or gouges on the surface from all the kid-traffic – we can help.

Our highest priority is to provide quality hardwood floor repair, and we are committed to satisfying our customers. No job is too big or too small at Armstrong-Citywide!

Floor Care Tip

No matter where you live whether it’s Overland Park, Shawnee, Lenexa, Olathe or anywhere in the K.C. Metro area we all struggle with dust in our homes.

When cleaning your hardwood floors, we recommend using Bona X or Windex window cleaner without ammonia. A flat terry cloth changeable mop is your best bet. We suggest wetting the terry cloth mop with the Bona X or Windex to moist state, much like towel dried hair. Lightly mist your hardwood floors, straight out of the bottle either cleaner, so that your mop will glide easily across the floor. If you are leaving streaks you are using to much cleaner. Your floor should end up dustless and clean as a whistle. To check to see if you are getting your floor clean, spray a little cleaner on the floor and wipe dry with a white paper towel. If it is still white then your wood floors are clean.

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