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Hardwood Floor Cleaning in Kansas City

Cleaning Your Hardwood Floors

Kansas City Mo Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Cleaning your Kansas City hardwood floors is very simple. For over 30 years we have recommended Windex window cleaner without ammonia or Bona wood floor cleaner or distilled water. These products do a great job with hardwood floor cleaning in your Kansas City home. And we sell the Bona cleaning kits at our store. Do not use steam cleaners on your wood floors as it may cup the flooring. When cleaning we suggest dampening the mop like a towel dried hair and lightly mist your wood floors with the cleaner and clean away.

Sweep wood floors often or when needed. Never use a vacuum with a beater bar on your wood floors. Use a soft brush attachment to minimize any scratching. Remember that dust and dirt are enemies to your wood floors. Using any other cleaners to care for your wood floors in your Kansas City home, regardless of what you may read or hear, is NOT recommended on our flooring materials as it may shorten the longevity and beauty of your investment. Contact our Kansas City hardwood floor cleaning experts for more tips and advice!