Hardwood floor refinishing is recommended when you have a structurally sound floor that just needs a new “sheen” in order to look brand new. Your hardwood floors represent a significant investment in your home, and you can protect the look and value of your floors by refinishing them when they begin to show wear and tear as opposed to ripping them out and installing new flooring.

There are essentially three options available to you for reviving the look of your floors without complete replacement. Often just an initial dry-mopping of your floors will suffice. This will remove debris and dirt particles in preparation for a deep cleaning with a machine designed for this purpose which will get into all the nooks and crannies that a dust mop will miss. This is obviously the most cost-effective remedy for hardwood floor refinishing and only takes a few hours.

If, however, the finish of your hardwood floors is scratched and more seriously damaged, you can still avoid total replacement by a more in-depth restoration process. By removing the main layer of finish, deep-cleaning and applying a new coat of finish, you can get a new-look for your hardwood floors without a lot of fuss and extra expense, and they’ll be ready overnight.

Armstrong-citywide-kansas-city-hardwood-floor-refinishingWhen it becomes necessary to completely renovate your floors, hardwood floor refinishing can rejuvenate them. If they are lacking luster, are dull and unsightly, perhaps due to age when they’re a few years old, hardwood floor refinishing will restore them to perfection.

Hardwood floor refinishing involves a lot more work than just dusting and polishing, and requires no small amount of skill to do it right and ensure your floors look their best. First, the floor needs to be sanded down all the way to the bare wood. All dust must be then be removed, followed by an application of sealant or stain, and then a new finish completes hardwood floor refinishing. Any major damages to your hardwood floors such as deep gouges and scratches, as well as dicoloration and fading, will disappear. Your floors will look fantastic and will be ready to walk on in a couple of days.

Armstrong-Citywide uses dustless hardwood floor refinishing, which means it’s a lot less messy than the traditional way. When we refinish your hardwood floors, they will be durable and easy to care for and you can be proud of the end result, plus it will add value to your home.

You can easily update your wood floors with our state of the art commercial grade stains and environmentally friendly, low-odor, fast-drying finishes for maximum scratch-resistant durability. Call us today at  816-765-7777 or visit our website and get started on your hardwood floor refinishing!