The floors are nice. They’re home originals. They add resale value. Why not make them pop again?

Hardwood floor restoration can be a good option to consider when your wood floors begin to look a little dull and worn, and are just unattractive. One of the main reasons most people choose hardwood floors in the first place is because they are beautiful and classy looking. They are easy to care for and add significant value to the home – that is until the finish starts to fade. Reviving, restoring and refinishing your floors are great ways to increase the longevity of your floors and protect your investment. Hardwood floors have an advantage over other types of flooring – they can be restored to look just like new!


Varnishing of oak parquet floor, workers hand, brush, renovation

Varnishing of oak parquet floor


You may see damages to your hardwood floors due to:

  • Wear and tear from everyday living.
  • Foot traffic from shoes that track in dirt and grit.
  • Rain blowing in when the door opens.
  • Everyday spills that leave stains.
  • Scratches and gouges from moving furniture.
  • Temperature fluctuations.
  • Sunlight filtering through the windows.


Protection – The finish on wood floors protects them from normal wear and tear. When the wood is scratched or has gaps between the planks, moisture can leak in leading to a lot of potential problems. Warping can occur, including cupping, crowning, or gaping. Hardwood floor restoration can fix all the problems.


Restore your home’s original beauty by uncovering beautiful floors hiding under your carpet.


Relocating – If you’re moving into a new-to-you home with ugly carpet over worn and damaged wood floors, hardwood floor restoration is the perfect choice. The same concept applies to home remodels and renovations – you can continue the same style wood floors in the addition. Once all the construction work is done hardwood floor restoration provides the look and feel you want from the floor up.


Longevity – Every scratch, gouge, and dent shortens the life of wood floors. The more damaged they are, the less likely they can be saved from needing to be completely replaced. Quality hardwood flooring with an appropriate finish and sealant will last for many years before it starts showing wear-and-tear. Unless something major happens to damage the wood, hardwood floor restoration is nothing you have to worry about for 10-20 years or longer. But when they become dull and unsightly, restoration takes them back to their original luster.


Hardwood floor restoration saves you the money from having to completely replace the entire floor. It is, however, a project that takes time, but it’s well worth it. The new look can brighten any room in your home and make an old dingy floor look new again. When you’re ready to add new life to your floors, Armstrong-Citywide is here to help.


Update your wood floors with state of the art commercial grade stains and environmentally friendly low-odor, fast-drying finishes for maximum scratch-resistant durability. Armstrong-Citywide for all your wood flooring needs.


Our restoration services include:

  • Replacement of damaged wood flooring
  • Resanding of existing wood floors
  • Installation of new wood floors
  • Dustless restoration services


Hardwood floor restoration is an effective way to go beyond regular cleaning. Give Armstrong-Citywide a call today at 816-765-7777 or check us out online to find out what we can do for your hardwood floors.