Armstrong-Citywide is an expert hardwood floor restoration company that has been repairing, refinishing, and installing hardwood floors in Kansas City homes for more than 60 years. Hardwood flooring is an elegant addition to your home’s décor and can represent a significant investment. Wood floors are preferred by many homeowners because they are easy to maintain and add natural beauty and warmth to their surroundings.

Occasionally problems will arise; the more common issues with wood floors are cupping and crowning, stains, peeling and bubbles, and a scratched or gouged surface. Oftentimes these problems are the result of one of three things – improper installation, environmental changes (moisture/humidity) or improper care and maintenance.

Sometimes all you need is a ‘face-lift’ which can be accomplished fairly easily by sanding off the dull, scuffed surface varnish and coating the floors with a new finish. However, if the wood is too warped, or if a large section has deep stains and discoloration or damage, a cost-effective hardwood floor restoration method known as screening and re-coating may be required, although floors with more severe damage or traffic marks cannot be restored well with a screen and re-coat. The new finish will simply presehardwood-floor -refinishingrve the damage under the coating of polyurethane and will do nothing to repair the wood. For these more profound problems, starting from scratch with total hardwood floor restoration is recommended. You will be protecting your investment while at the same time once again being able to enjoy the beauty and luster of new hardwood floors.

The specific process for repairs or restoration can vary depending on the degree and type of damage, the variety of hardwood used, and your own preferences, but having the professionals at Armstrong-Citywide is a guarantee the hardwood floors will be finished to perfection. We are the Kansas City area’s experts on choosing, installing, repairing, and maintaining your hardwood floors and are fully committed to providing fast and courteous service for all aspects of our business, including hardwood floor installation, custom colors, repairs, restoration and refinishing.

Our company has prospered in this area by placing the highest priority on providing quality hardwood floor restoration and refinishing and we are 100% committed to customer satisfaction. Armstrong-Citywide employs tried and true craftsmanship combined with the benefits of current technology in our hardwood flooring service. Armstrong-Citywide employs proven professionals who have been trained and certified by Bona to use the complete Bona System® for hardwood floor restoration. Our Bona Certified Craftsmen take pride in providing beautiful and durable results. No job is too big or too small at Armstrong-Citywide!