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Looking for Hardwood Flooring in Kansas City? How to Identify the Best Installer

Thursday, Jan. 24th 2019

Hardwood flooring in Kansas City creates a durable, timeless look and adds value to your home.  And while some home projects are perfect for your DIY aspirations… hardwood installation is not one of them.  When it comes to hardwood floors the process is complicated and requires skill.  That’s why it’s wise to hire professional hardwood flooring installers to get the job done right.  

No matter who you choose to go with, there are a few key things to look for in a good hardwood floor installer in Kansas City.  Some of the things to consider include:


For the best professional hardwood flooring installation in Kansas City, it’s best to choose an installer with experience.  Improper installation can cause a lot of issues ranging from uneven planks, gapping, and cupping to squeaky floor boards.


You can learn a lot about hardwood flooring in Kansas City from the estimate you get.  It is a good idea to get more than one estimate to make sure you’re paying a fair price for the job.  You should also expect to purchase more flooring than is needed to cover the square footage of your room or home.  This is because the wood material will be cut to fit the exact space of your home, meaning some of the leftover wood will be unusable.  Installers will take this into account during the estimate.


Most people want hardwood flooring in Kansas City at an affordable cost.  However, as Ben Franklin said, “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten”.  Therefore, you’ll want to balance quality and price when making your decision; while you don’t want to overpay, you also don’t want cheap wood flooring that doesn’t measure up in terms of durability and overall quality.


When you shop around for hardwood floor installers, it’s a good idea to ask about their installation process.  This will help choose the best flooring installer for your home.  Some key questions to ask of your potential installers are:

Will they set timelines and keep you updated on them?

Will they clean up the area before installation?

Will they dispose of any previous flooring materials?

Does the flooring need to be acclimated?

What environment condition should my home be in order for an ideal installation?

Has the material always been stored in a climate-controlled environment?

Experience level of the installer?

What are the name brands of the wood material?

Do they follow the manufacture’s installation guidelines?

Industry accreditation

Accreditations from trade organizations such as the National Wood Flooring Association can indicate that a flooring contractor is serious about his work and willing to take continuing education courses. Membership in trade organizations can often also indicate that a flooring professional is well versed in industry standards for workmanship and work site conditions, as well as trained in proper installation techniques.


A well-qualified flooring contractor in Kansas City should be able to provide references for customers from years past or a portfolio of recently completed work. Don’t forget to actually call recent references to see if they were satisfied with the work and the contractor’s performance.

Now that you know what to look for when researching hardwood flooring in Kansas City contact  Armstrong Citywide today to do the hard work for you!

Floor Care Tip

No matter where you live whether it’s Overland Park, Shawnee, Lenexa, Olathe or anywhere in the K.C. Metro area we all struggle with dust in our homes.

When cleaning your hardwood floors, we recommend using Bona X or Windex window cleaner without ammonia. A flat terry cloth changeable mop is your best bet. We suggest wetting the terry cloth mop with the Bona X or Windex to moist state, much like towel dried hair. Lightly mist your hardwood floors, straight out of the bottle either cleaner, so that your mop will glide easily across the floor. If you are leaving streaks you are using to much cleaner. Your floor should end up dustless and clean as a whistle. To check to see if you are getting your floor clean, spray a little cleaner on the floor and wipe dry with a white paper towel. If it is still white then your wood floors are clean.

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