Hardwood floors in Kansas City add a classic and enduring aesthetic to your home.  When considering hardwood flooring options, you first need to consider whether or not you’d like to bring your current wood flooring back to life by refinishing them or if it’s a better option to replace them altogether.

So, when is hardwood flooring too damaged to be refinished?

  • If more than 30% of the boards have sustained damage such as warping, chipping, stains or termite infestation, the time, effort, and money spent replacing that much of the floor would quickly escalate — a replacement would make more sense.
  • If the floor has been refinished too many times before, you will begin to see the grooves in the planks and nails. Even if this is only visible in some areas, sanding the wood down will undoubtedly reveal more problems, making replacement more of a necessity than a choice.
  • Refinishing floors with boards that wiggle and have a lot of movement will only make things worse. You’ll end up with even bigger gaps between the floorboards and bigger issues to address.

How much does installing new hardwood flooring in Kansas City cost?

The advantages of hardwood flooring in Kansas City are limitless. At the top of the list is comparable cost over time. They can usually be sanded down and refinished at least five times in their lifetime if properly maintained.  If it is time for a complete overhaul you can expect to pay $12 – $20 per square foot for newly installed hardwood floors.

How much does refinishing hardwood floors in Kansas City cost?

Refinishing a floor may seem to be a hassle, but it can cost up to five times more to replace hardwood floors than it does to refinish them.  This makes refinishing floors a more popular route when possible.  You can expect to pay between $1.50 – $4 per square foot to have your hardwood flooring refinished.

If you’re still not sure which hardwood flooring option in Kansas City is best for you, consult a flooring professional such as Armstrong-Citywide.  We can tell you whether or not it’s time to toss out your old flooring or work with what you have.  Contact us for a free in-home estimate and design consultation today and get the floors you’ve been dreaming of!