Sanding hardwood floors is one of the most time consuming and least pleasant home repair projects you can choose to do yourself. Over the years we have seen flooring disasters when the homeowner or a handyman didn’t have the skills or equipment to do the job right. We could probably write volumes about this.

While your enthusiasm and willingness to take on the job of sanding hardwood floors is commendable, especially when you are trying to keep down the costs, what actually happens more often than not is the job goes wrong. We see it a lot – when an inexperienced person attempts sanding hardwood floors, they usually do it wrong and end up with a mess – the stain will look blotchy and uneven, or doesn’t adhere properly and starts peeling. When this happens, you end up having to hire professionals to fix your floors and your costs have actually increased, not to mention the time and aggravation involved.

In many cases, homeowners try to save money by hiring a handyman or a general contractor to take on the job. You are assuming it’s going to be done right and within the budget, but here again, these jobs often go wrong due to two things: 1) these guys are not experts at refinishing floors, and 2) they simply don’t have the right equipment. If sanding hardwood floors is not someone’s specialty, you should not expect a quality job.

We understand that you want to save money – most of us are on a budget, especially first-time homeowners or house-flippers. But refinishing hardwood floors is one of the toughest and most exacting jobs to be done. You can save money in other ways – painting, tiling, even installing your hardwood floors – but when it comes to sanding hardwood floors you just have to step aside and let experienced professionals with the skills and equipment readily available do the job.

So just keep in mind when you’re planning on sanding hardwood floors yourself, when you hire a professional your floors won’t take as long to get done; there won’t be a huge mess for you to clean up, and the floors will look good and last a long time, and it will be money well spent because beautiful hardwood floors in your home increase the value and just make it more appealing.

Armstrong-Citywide is a leading hardwood floor refinisher in the Kansas City metro. If you’re worried about the cost, sanding and refinishing your hardwood floors is not that expensive – it often costs less than what most people think. Do yourself a huge favor and give us a call today to schedule a free estimate.