Armstrong-Citywide has been in the business of hardwood flooring for 70 years.  With our proven track record for excellence, we have the experience, know all the pitfalls, and have successfully circumvented and solved flooring problems for 7 decades–so we know what we are doing and then some!


Our customer service is genuine–Armstrong-Citywide is not a fly-by-night company, but a local, family-owned and operated company – 100 percent committed to providing the best flooring products and service in the business.  Our reputation for excellence is everything to us–we take it personally, which translates to a top-notch job done right for our customers.

What sets Armstrong-Citywide apart from the other guys?  We know how to adhere to a timeline.  We are never hard to get in contact with–while other companies may be mysteriously unreachable after a project is completed and unavailable to take care of necessary repairs and touch-ups that may be needed.  Along those same lines, we offer a warranty for our products and meticulous craftsmanship that we stand by, should any issues with your new flooring arise down the road.  Our customers are valuable to us, so we will work to make any problems right, preserving our customer relationship for future projects and, more often than not, exceeding customer expectations.

Individual Attention to Your Project 

When working on a flooring project with Armstrong-Citywide, you’ll find hardwood flooring options customized to meet your unique wants, needs, and budget.  Our experts will suggest the best option for all things considered.  Unlike many of our competitors, we are not in the business of just offering flooring products that are quick, easy, and most profitable to our bottom-line.

We eschew the idea of a “one size fits all” mentality and do not limit our customers’ options.  Other contractors offer only limited choices in hardwood flooring–pressuring you to do it their way.  At Armstrong-Citywide, if you can dream it–we can make it happen with our entire showroom chock full of every possible type, style, species, and color of hardwood flooring imaginable.  Our welcoming showroom has an extensive range of flooring samples for you to touch and see in-person.  Choosing a wood species or stain color off of a magazine photo or online digital image can be very deceiving and lead to a choice with which you will ultimately be unhappy.  Consider how different paint colors can look on walls as compared to in photos–and you will understand how a particular floor stain or color could change in appearance from a website photo to your actual home.  We want you to experience the products in our showroom, with our expert staff members, in order to know exactly what will make you happy in your home.

Premier Flooring Products Only

Armstrong-Citywide only uses the highest quality flooring products sourced from top-of-the-line, established professional flooring manufacturers to complete your project.  These premier flooring products are not available for sale in your local “Big Box Store” or hardware store.  Our business is dedicated to hardwood–and we take the best possible care of our flooring products to ensure the quality and protect your investment.  Our materials are stored in a temperature and moisture-controlled environment.  The same cannot be said for other flooring retailers.  Oftentimes, hardwood flooring materials purchased from other big retailers can be damaged from unloading, moving large quantities of product, and less desirable storage situations.  When the wood is not acclimated to a similar environment like the interior of your home, the wood will shrink or expand after installation, causing the floor to either buckle under pressure or leave gaps in-between planks.  Either of these unfortunate scenarios could result in a floor that needs to be completely replaced.

Fully-Insured & Guaranteed Protection

You only want contractors and their employees working in your home if they are fully insured.  Lesser companies may not carry insurance for their contractors and employees which can lead to a claim on your homeowners’ insurance and/or a potential lawsuit against you, the homeowner if they should be injured while on the job in your home.

Proven Experts in Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is our specialty–it’s all we do…period.  A visit to Armstrong-Citywide’s showroom means meeting with one of our experienced hardwood flooring experts who is ready to listen to your dreams and desires to help you choose the best option for your lifestyle.  We’d love to assist you with your flooring needs!