Planning a home improvement project takes time – from budgeting, selecting materials and finishes, planning layouts and scheduling professionals to handle the job, there are many factors to consider. But did you know that you should factor the season into your home improvement plans?  This is especially important when refinishing hardwood floors in Kansas City.  So, when is the best time to install hardwood floors in order to protect your investment?

Seasonal temperatures can affect the outcome of your projects and with the time and money you’re spending, it’s well worth taking into consideration.  Here are some factors to be mindful of:

Humidity in Summer

Although hardwood floors can essentially be installed any time of the year, the cooler temperatures make spring an ideal time for you schedule your hardwood flooring installation, especially if you live in a particularly humid climate like Kansas City. Similar to other organic products wood absorbs moisture because it is highly porous. If the hardwood flooring installation is done either in the heat and humidity of summer then your floors become vulnerable to distortion. 

Your Home Loses Moisture in Winter

Winter is a less ideal time for hardwood flooring installation. Aside from the inconvenience of having your home disrupted during the holidays, winter is not the most ideal time due to the drying effect of the heating units and the lower moisture levels. If your floor has absorbed any moisture at the time of hardwood flooring installation, then gets dried up during the winter, the swollen floorboard could get pulled apart. This damage is known as the cupping effect.

Hardwood floor installation done during the spring or fall helps in minimizing this.

Ideal Temperatures for Adhesives Used in Hardwood Flooring Installation

Adhesives are sometimes used in hardwood flooring installation.  Many of these require a home’s temperature to be between 70 and 80 degrees. In the summer, air conditioning will probably put your home outside of this range, while in the winter, cooler temperatures might prevent the drying and bonding of your hardwood floors.  It’s best to refinish hardwood floors in Kansas City in the spring when the temperatures fluctuate less.

Hardwood flooring will add warmth and timeless beauty to any home. Now that you know when is the best time to install hardwood floors, schedule your hardwood flooring installation in Kansas City with Armstrong-Citywide today!